The Exact Strategies I use to create Consistent $5K+ Months in my Online Coaching Business

Without hustling on Facebook all day and while working just 5 hours a day in my business!

When I started my coaching business, I was hustling on social media 24X7, massively undercharging for my services, working very long hours, and attracting clients who could either not afford my services or just weren't the right fit.

But then, by making 5 Simple Shifts in my business, I started attracting high-end clients on demand and creating consistent $5k, $8k and $11k months.

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    The exact 5 things I changed in my business to go from feast-and-famine results to creating consistent, predictable $5K months

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    How I grow my list by 300+ women on autopilot every single month, and fill my group + list with ideal clients, to create consistent sales, month after month

  • 3

    The step-by-step system I use to book and convert discovery calls on demand

  • 4

    How I make all these marketing & sales strategies work for me by first mastering my mindset

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